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Anita Krishan is a well-known and a best-selling author of fiction in India today. An author of serious fiction, her books deal with some of the most important issues which affect contemporary society. Anita Krishan is also a poet and a respected columnist with The Indian Economist.

Her books have been liked and enjoyed by the readers and appreciated by the book critics.

Her work Tears of Jhelum is set in the beautiful Valley of Kashmir. It brings forth the senseless violence propagated with manic intensity by terrorism, and the common man who gets pulverized and suffers untold miseries.

Despite Stolen Dreams tells the inspiring story of people who suffer tragedies, don’t give up even when plagued by the adversaries of life, and come out stronger than ever.

Her latest work – Ghosts of the Silent Hill was published in January 2020 by Fingerprint Publishers. This book brings to life spine-chilling stories based on the experiences of the people who underwent some bizarre supernatural ordeals. The book has been #1  on Amazon for more than a year now.

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Ghosts of the Silent Hill has been declared the national bestseller! Readers have appreciated the book for its storytelling, exciting plots and freshness of elements in the genre. Get your copy now!